Friday, July 20, 2007

Noise In My Head: Balearic James live mix

Tune into Noise In My Head (Sunday 10pm-Midnight 3RRR) this week for a live mix from Balearic James AKA Misha Hollenback of P.A.M fame. Be prepared for a cosmic journey with heaps of head nodding. Oddities, space disco, prog and deep minimalist sounds. P.A.M are soon due to issue a mixtape of Balearic James' collaborative set with Belgian holmes 2 Many DJ's. Watch the skies. During the program we'll also be giving away copies of Deerhunter's latest - Crypograms.

Melbourne listeners can tune in to the 102.7 FM frequency while foreigners can catch the live stream at Triple R.

UPDATE: **Balearic James/Misha Hollenback's journey into the cosmic vortex**

zenomon - oh nandu, what we've done
rainer bloss/klaus schulze - road clear
jean-michel jarre - arpegiator
real life games - safari of love
michael bundt - the brain of oskar panizza
kerosene - poco tempo
holger czukay - das massenmedium
fragments - nutbush city limits
electro melody - doctor electro
rinder & lewins - cataclysm
ralph lundsten and the andromeda all stars - horrorscope
ralph lundsten and the andromeda all stars - discophenia
doris nelson - personal computer

An hour and a half without back announcements - too spaced to vocalise!

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JIRO said...

Hi, any chance of this being uploaded, would love to hear it.