Friday, July 6, 2007

Always - F.I.S.T. + Top 10

Future Nervous Jerk act Always (aka Alex Vivian) runs through ten favoured live experiences and dubbed cassette jams running through his walkman phones. Always' forthcoming disc F.I.S.T. is six tracks of intense pulsating, throbbing vocal based techno and consuming organic ethno trance. Mind game dance music and lucid hypnotix. The Sydney based artist also contributes a previously unreleased archival track to our soon-to-be-released compilation E.S.P.

1. Liquid Sky, Soundtrack - Slava Tsukerman, Brenda I. Hutchinson, Clive Smith
Totally dramatic, repetetive and over the top adaptations of classical-esque pieces made with synthesisers and other assorted electronic equipment. Released 1982, it is the score for the film Liquid Sky.

2.TITS/Leopard Leg, Split LP (Upset the Rhthym)
I had the lucky opportunity to join T.I.T.S. for a couple of dates on their UK tour and was totally obsessed with their performance. Guitars sounding inspired by metal and doom and totally witch like. Leopard Leg the 10-piece free noise drum group from Brighton/London recorded their side of the split record in a field. Their shows are totally improvised and range from group singing, singing tubes and heavy drumming, all performed in rounds, growing and growing.

3. Lovely Midget, North Head CD (Family Vineyard)

4. The Judy Experience, Judy is Rising cassette (self-released)
Slowed down + droaned out vocals over sloppy saxaphone and gutair. The Judy Experience played a show in olympia 06 in a parking lot powered from an RV with the whole crowd on shrooms + Judy shirtless playing saxophone. People were flailing around screaming and dancing half naked completely intense and incredible.

5. 1996 Mardi Gras Parade mix cassette
Between all the Olivia + Chaka Khan there are some totally evoking rhythms and loops and tracks that seem to never end. I enjoyed the Hare Krishna dance mix, plus another almost medievil sounding mix that i cant remember who performs. It sounds like black label techno or whatever so I guess it doesnt matter.

6. Sharon Cheslow and Elisa Ambrogio live at Vice Cooler's Birthday show- 21 Grand. Oakland, CA July 15, 2006

7. Suckdog, Tour D'lost Kittens VIDEO
I found this VHS at this punk moviestore in SFcisco. Intense documentation of the Suckdog opera early nineties, super bad quality which gives a totally creepy feeling. Some of the footage I recognised from the Suckumentary DVD.

8. Mirror/Dash live at Vice Cooler's Birthday Show - 21 Grand. Oakland, CA July 15, 2006
Thurston Moore + Kim Gordon doing the Mirror/Dash, Coincidently I also played on the same bill which was totally exciting. I've never even seen Sonic Youth live, but this show was totally sweet. Sloppy but together guitars, drumming hands, so incredible. YouTube footage.

9. Yoshimi, TWO 7" (Ecstatic Peace)

10. Coca Cola ZERO advertisment
2 great hits 1 great taste. Super bad imagery but I like the ideas behind the music that sounds mainly vocal based. Obviously created by a computer it employed the same kind of ideas I use with my music, collecting and collating vocal tracks to create a pattern and new rhythm.


Dan said...

I saw Lovely Midget open for Tortoise a few years ago in Auckland, and they were awesome...much bette than the headliner..

Dan said...

oh, might I also add that North Head (which I'd assume the cd is named after) is a very very beutiful place.