Friday, July 6, 2007

Dead Farmers 7"

Sydney space punk unit Dead Farmers deliver their debut 7" platter unintentionally echoing the pioneering brillance of Simply Saucer. A-side Violence leaves the hippy and noodling side of prog at home with a hard and forceful fist to the head. "I dont want to hurt you, you hurt me". How can a song this brutal be so sympathetic? The mid-song breakdown fools you to think its transforming into a handclapping hipshaker before taking an intergalactic flight. Drummer Arthur Chau bangs up a vicious frenzy with what almost sounds like three arms (!!!). Flipside opener The Suns of Thunder finds these starved post-apocalyptic Dead Farmers savaging for food while a constant squall of noise buzzes in their ears from all the wreckage. With screeching fuzzed out guitar work that takes a page straight outta Fun House. Barely having a chance to ring out, Run kicks in like primitive japanese garage before these minute attention spans switch off into a final brief stoner jam sesh. Cool. The 7" was pressed by Eddy Current's own magic hands for his new imprint - the three bid operation AARGHT! Records.

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